Looking for a good slip


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Ladies & Gentlemen,

I am trying to find a decent quality, quiet material rifle slip for a Steyr Mannlicher Pro-Hunter with T8 moderator and scope. The one I have is too tight around the mod.

Saw a couple at Eskdalemuir last weekend but stupidly did not note the makers.

Can anyone help?



The Mole

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Try a Napier slip charadam - mine takes a Tikka T3 and a Reflex mod with a bipod fitted - should be no problem for your Pro Hunter. They are well made and seem robust, and have the advantage of an outside pocket and separate back straps so you can wear the slip rucksack-style on the hill. Not a cheap as some, mind, but you get what you pay for!


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I have the same rifle in 243 and tried it in a Napier slip and it fits fine even with my lump of S&B scope sat on top.

Were you out with Ronnie Rose?


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Thanks Sanders - yes, out with Ron.

Richard - thanks - Buffalo River or Butler Creek? Only joking, I found the one I need from Buffalo River thanks to you.

The Mole, again, thank you. The Napier looks to be the canine's cashews but I can't work out how to use it simultaneously with a roe sack (or an Ikea bag).

All best,