Wanted: Looking for a place in a Deer Stalking Syndicate North West or Sheffield area


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Hi i am looking to join a Syndicate I have DSC1 First Aid 3 Day BASC Insurance and 4x4 Pickup 6.5 x55 308 223 I Been stalking for a few years now
unaccompanied open hill and Forests all over Scotland if you need a Reference I am sure JAYB will be able to let you know about me Pm if you have some information

Many thanks Pilgrim

Beretta cocker

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Me too , looking for a lease / syndicate essex, herts , Suffolk ,Norfolk, Home Counties , kent or sussex/ surrey, will exchange for Rocking horse poo! But on the off chance PM me please!!!!!


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Me too.
DSC 1&2 advanced stalker certificate, large and small game handlers certificate. Basc Insurance. Approved witness for DMQ, sixty years experience with Roe and reasonable but limited experience with other UK deer species.
Wouldn't want it for long as I am getting on a bit:old:
Preferably within a fifty mile radius of of Salisbury, Wiltshire :lol:

PS, I forgot to add, I am a slightly disabled ex serviceman :D
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