Looking for accomodation near Dunblane, Doune, Braco

Chris J

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Guys, I'd appreciate some help if you can. We have some shooting up near Dunblane and being hardy sorts, we usually wildcamp on site. But this time, we really fancy being able to dry socks and enjoy a dram without the rain dripping into it. I have looked for somewhere on the net but it's not always possible to tell what it's like and whether it's shooting friendly. Just to give some parameters, we just need two rooms, self catering, secure, parking, basic but clean and reasonable. We do not want to stay in the Double Tree Hilton. There is a super place right on the edge of our estate which is perfect, but the price is more than 2 weeks in Ibiza. We just can't pay those sort of prices. Once you stick fuel, food, booze etc on there it just becomes prohibitive. We're not aristocracy.

It needs to be fairly close so somewhere in a triangle of Braco, Dunblane and Doune would be great so please don't suggest Glasgow.

Got any ideas?

Much appreciated