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Dennis H

hello everyone,

I would like to come to England next year, and try to shoot some gold or silver medal roebucks, can anyone direct me to a stalker/company that can arrange that??



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Hi Dennis

The highest concentration of medal heads in the UK are in the south and south east of the country.

Roger Buss operates out of Hampshire and has been guiding for the best part of 35 years.


Happy hunting!



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Roger Buss

Don't touch Roger Buss with a bargepole :evil: - he'll fleece you for your money and you probably won't see a thing. If you do I'll bet the trophy fees will cripple you :eek: .
Many people have been taken in by this plausible 'gentleman', usually newcomers who end up paying a fortune and not seeing or shooting anything! :oops:
The only people I have recently had experience with are Jelen Deer Services, who I can recommend. Don't know if they can help you or not, try http://www.jelendeer.com/


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I'm sorry to hear that hairy biker, I haven't seen Roger for years but know some europeans who have been his clients for over 25 years so they are either rich, or daft..

paul k

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I've got be honest and say that I have stalked with Roger Buss off and on since 1989. He is certainly not the most honest of people and I can easily see why people have a problem with him but I learned how to manage him and learnt lessons as I went along. Foremost amongst these was to agree and confirm the stalking fees prior to the outing.

Money issues aside I have had few problems with him.

In terms of the quality of his ground I can only say that I saw deer on almost every outing with him over the years and had a chance to shoot a beast on the majority of occasions. I have visited his ground in Hampshire, Wiltshire, Sussex, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire. There were one or two pieces of ground on which deer numbers were low and I just refused future outings on these sites. I have personally taken good fallow and roe from his ground and seen medal animals of both species.

He's not my favourite stalker and I feel the need to be on my guard financially but I have never felt like dropping him and have been quite happy with the stalking.


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Hi Dennis H
I would recommend Jelen deer services completed my DSC2 with Mike and Norman booked up for some stalking in december this is my 5 time with them, money well spent
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