Wanted: looking for sw munti opertunity.

mole trapper

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Hiya folks,
I'm looking for a chance at a munti, preferably as close to Devon/Cornwall as possible.
Obviously looking to pay for an outing, hopefully someone would have somewhere with a reasonable chance of success, the last person I paid for an outing said the place was heaving with them, there were none, and I don't mean that day! He was a con artist.

mole trapper

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Thanks for the replies chaps, I knew there weren't going to be any opportunity in Devon or Cornwall, was thinking someone might have something in Gloucestershire are or wilts perhaps?
Regards, Jamie.


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Plenty in Bath area.
Not so many in North Dorset although they are regularly shooting them on Longleat/Stourhead area.
If you want guarantees you are going to have to travel