looking for winter culling; paying or swop for driven wild boar

jp vanden weghe

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I am 59 years old and shoot since I was 9; means 50 years of experience
I have shot all kinds of throphies; stags, roe deer, golden metal of muntjack, fallow deer and wild boar. So that means that I am not after big throphies anymore...
Experience; I have been hunting al over Europe; Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Croatia, etc. Also RSA, Senegal, NZ.
In the UK; lots of stalkings with the Forestry Commission; I can give you references.
Calibres; .17rem, 22, 243, 6.5x57, 270, 270wsm, 7x61super, 30-06, 8x57, 9.3x74, and .375hh. Altough for the UK my preferred rifles are; 6.5x57 and .270.
We like to come to with 2 or 3 experienced hunters. Preferred time; winter time.
I drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee, so I can take our venison to the larder.
Willing to pay; or swop for driven hunt on wild boar in the north of France (2018/19; 165 boar in 8 days).
We rather stalk than shoot out of high seats