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I have mixed feelings about posting a bleeding heart post but here goes....... I've had to sell all my rifles & shotguns earlier this year (prostate cancer AND rheumatoid arthritis) so that's the end of stalking / shooting for me. Undergoing chemo now so I'm a very poor walker and not very fit.
However, I can shoot with a camera. Anyone in the Edinburgh area able to help by giving me access to an estate or area where I can potter about with or without help to photograph the wildlife? I can't travel too far away from my home.

I'd prefer pm replies if there's anyone our there who might be able to help.

Maybe I should have posted this in the General Discussion category?? Admin - your advice, please !
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I have no problem with you putting your request in the general section. I would hope that one of our members in the border area would offer you the opportunity.

If I lived nearer you would be more than welcome onto some of my ground. Good luck, hope your treatment goes well and you get back to reasonable health in the near future.

Best wishes



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Come on guys, got to be someone out there can do this, reread the post, you' welcome down here, but I'm in Norfolk. deerwarden. :tiphat:


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Listen mate i am only 45 mins away on the edge of Glasgow you are welcome to come over i will put your ass in a good bit for deer all you need is a zoom lens ans a sense of humor.


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I cannot promise anything over the month of December because of work commitments but I should be able to get you out during January sometime if that suits?

Red squirrels (not best time of year though), peregrine falcon, ravens, pheasants and plenty of sika to snap away at.


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If you want red squirrels and are up to a 40 minutes drive thry Paxton House down the borders. They have hides down the side of the tweed easy access where they are doing a red squirrel sanctuary great place for photography. JIm


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Don't worry, Deerwarden.....I've had some really helpful pms and I'm in the process of following them up. I'll post when I manage to get something set up!!


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Many, many thanks to everyone who replied and made offers by posting or sending me a pm. Looks like I'm sorted and i really appreciate the response.