Wanted: Looking to do dsc1 next year any cds you can still buy our there?


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Looking to do dsc1 next year any cds you can still buy our there? Looked online and thought it would be something you could buy but seems that the only one now is an online service of £20 an month. I figured i would be able to get cds and manual just take my time with it but might be april 2018 time when the course is on near me dont want to pay £20 a month for online service until then.

jimmy milnes

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BDS used to do one that you used to have to register to your computer that wasn't a fortune.
Think the old cd that was done years ago was copied and passed on that much that they lost heaps of revenue so when they did the new one they put some kind of program on it to stop it being copied.
Give them a call
Best of luck with the level one matey, if you do ya homework it's nothing to worry over.
Edit.... just remembered the old one was called deer quest
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I Have to say ive joined forums over the years but i have never found a better more helpfull group of people as i have in the Deer Stalking community. It doesnt seem to matter what i post on here i get great advice and pleasnt replies.



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DSCtraining.org | Online training for your DSC1 is £10 first month and £8/month thereafter. You should only need a month or two prior to your exam.

I'm not affiliated with this service in any way but I did avail myself of it last year for a month and it helped a great deal.
I will be using this site for sure thanks. Did the sample test. Got 100% deer id first time. One answer wrong ont he free ten questions. So happy with that.