Loose shotgun stock - Browning


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My luvly Browning Ultra XS has developed a loose stock. Won't be shooting it again until I tighten it back up.

I've taken off the butt pad and looking down the hole I can see the head of the bolt way down there that secures the stock to the action. (who the heck designed that then?)I

've tried getting it with an extended hex head socket wrench with no luck and doesn't look like its a slot or screw head on it.

Any ideas how to tighten the beggar up?



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My 525 is a slotted screw and I keep a long big screwdriver for the job. Also keep a length of copper pipe (2" long) to drop down over the screw head so that if the screwdriver slips it wont go through the stock.



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Hi, I had the same problem. Go to Wickes and get the longest flat head screwdriver they have - and they have some whoppers! when you get it out find a couple of washers that will fit and use them when you replace it so you can get it nice and tight.

Alternatively, I had a couple made from high grade stainless steel, but with hex heads and much easier to locate and get out, plus better quality than the original - cost was about £20 including postage. You just need to work out what the thread is on the existing one.

I like the copper pipe idea - that would have saved me some frustration and fiddling around!


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Keeping guns in "dry as a bone" centrally heat[SUP][/SUP]ed houses is as bad for their stocks as is keeping guns in damp condensation prone houses is for their metalwork. It's finding the balance.

And bad for antique wood chairs, tables, bookcases etc., etc..

A gun cabinet shouldn't be damp but it also should be so "dry" as to cause stock shrinkage....but properly seasoned wood shouldn't, suposedly, anyway. But if your gun room is really dry even that will.

Once it's tightened...I used to have a big "f**k off" 1/2" square shaft slotted head screwdriver for Enfields you could put mole grips on and everybody wanted to buy it...turn your heating down two degrees.
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Thanks folks - will attempt to overcome this challenge.....
I got as far as getting the buttplate off my browning and seeing how deep that screw was recessed. I never did buy a LONG screwdriver, but probably should at some stage to do a bit of maintenance.


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Jim, take it to my old boy at Seals Cove, he'll get it sorted for you. I'd do it myself if I was at home, but that won't be for another ten days or so.


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Followed Malxwal's advice.
All sorted. Turns out a batch of ultras were supplied with hex5 head stock bolts. A £3 extender bar for my socket and hex set sorted the problem.
Happy days.