Losing my African verginity (Part 1)

A year and a half ago i booked myself onto an African hunting trip with Nduna hunting safaris. I managed to convince my friend Charles off here to come along and after emails and conversations with David who was nothing but helpfull, taking care of everything. we were set to go...

We were met at the airport by Gavin who took us to the lodge, where we were to spend our first night and the rest of the time camping in the bush. We settled in and checked zero on our rifles, then the drinks flowed...

The following morning we were up bright and early to see what we could find.

After stalking for just half an hour we had a group of 4 jackel run out into a clearing in the valley bellow us 300m away. Pierre who was our PH for the trip set up the sticks and asked me to shoot one to which i oblidged. The older male hung around to see what was going on so charles was quickly onto the sticks and took his jackel also. Not a bad start to a mornings hunt!

View attachment 32590 You can see here the opening from where we shot them. For some reason it wont let me upload the pics of the jackel...

We carried on hunting with no success, so we stopped for lunch. BBQ Kudu sausage became a favorite!

In the afternoon we stalked in on some bledbok as i had a cull one on the list. Unfortunitly my bullet took a delfection off a branch and it was a clean miss. Later on in the day though we came across them again and i took a old barron female.

View attachment 32591

Just as we were about to call it quits some Impala were spotted on a valley in the distance so we made a stalk in down the opposite side. This was great fun crawling from bush to bush to get in range and trying to avoid the eyes of the 40 strong group.

Charles made a good shot with his .22 (.243) on a nice impala ram that ran 20 yards down the hill then tumbled.

I made a joke to Pierre that it was an African tradition that you have to eat the testicle of your first African animal to try and wind Charles up. Pierre went along with it only then produce a knife, cut off the testicle and give it to charles along with a shot. I thought we were only joking...

I am having trouble with not being allowed to upload a lot of the pics and videos but will try and get them all up to show you his reaction!

After a night of drinking and Zebra steak we were up early to go to another area to hunt for Warthog and Springbok.

Not long after arriving Warthog were spotted and one HUGE male (13-14")! Which i shot through both lungs at 140 yards, dropped on the spot only to get back up and run for cover! We went up onto a ledge above where he had gone to see him and put an end to his misery. They are some tough animals!

(Again it wont let me upload a pic, so i think i will put them all up in the picture section)

It was Charles turn to shoot a Warthog now and later that afternoon he managed a nice one. (I will let him tell the story).

We also came across a group of baboons which we had been asked to shoot if we came across. I said to charles that he should shoot one but he declined so i took a massive baboon!

The Springbok didnt play ball but a good days hunting none the less! It was also my turn to sample a testicle.. my Warthogs to be exact.

The following day Pierre organised for one of his friends to come over with his Bushpig hounds. This was a tough day, up and down hills and through the bush but was very enjoyable and gets the adrenaline going! We spent a day chasing a big boar but sadly he got away. He certainly left his mark however with 5 out of the 6 dogs needing stitches and one killed... it wasnt a nice end to the day and JC (who owned the dogs) said he has never had a day like it.

The following day Pierre asked if we were up for entering a shooting competiton with one of his friends to make up a four man team.

This was good fun with targets ranging from 50 standing to 200 lying down, followed by 10 shots with a 9mm pistol then a go at the clays.

Sadly overall we didnt win so headed to the local watering hole....

The next day was a bit of a write off... we were up till 5 in the morning boozing so no one was in any condition to go hunting!

The next day were after those Springbok again.

We stalked into different groups of them all day but they either got spooked and disapeared or the one we were after didnt present a shot.
After luck we came across a group of warthog, out of which i shot a young sow between the eyes. This one we were to have slow roasted the following day!

After climbing a hill to glass the open areas bellow for Springbok we found ourselves surrounded by a group of Impala 60 strong! A nice male was present and i dropped him with a neck shot at 80 yards.

With only a few ours of hunting left in the day Pierre suddenly spotted a group of 3 springbok males on a hill side. I was quickly on the sticks and took a nice male at 210 yards. He must have lept 3m into the air on impact and only made it 10 yards before giving out.

View attachment 32592

It was a great end to an even better days hunting!

The next morning we were after either a cull blesbok or Impala.

We had a bit of hard luck with being spotted a few times but Pierre spotted 2 young warthogs feeding and asked me to shoot one, to which i wasnt going to say no! Eventually stalked into a group of impala where i took out an old barron female.

We then returned to camp and pacled up as we decided we would spend the last night in PE for a meal and night out.

I would like to extend my greatest gratitude to Nduna and Pierre for looking after us so well! We had the trip of a life time and shot all we wanted to and more! The food and drink never ran out, nor the banter.

We will be back!


(I apologise for some of the spelling, i am rather jet lagged!)
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Nice Tom, think ill need a heck of a lot of time if I'm going to produce something like this!!

​My write up will follow soon...


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The trip was amazing, it more than exceeded our expectations that were already high! I am told that my warthog should make Rowland award, which would be nice!


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Sounds like you had a good time. Africa gets under your skin, a return trip is inevitable. I have eight months to wait, and I'd bet the contents of my wallet that you're reading threads on forums, watching videos on youtube, trying to decide on what species you're going for next etc.... :)


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Sounds like you had a good time. Africa gets under your skin, a return trip is inevitable. I have eight months to wait, and I'd bet the contents of my wallet that you're reading threads on forums, watching videos on youtube, trying to decide on what species you're going for next etc.... :)

You would be correct! I pretty much decided what i want to shoot next while i was out there. Zebra, Bushbuck and Blue Wildebeest.


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I have to say this is something i thought i wouldnt be able to achieve for many more years, but you will be suprised what Nduna can offer you...


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Well that's you two totally hooked on Africa........................................... once you breath the air your done, you will always want to return.

Sounds like you had a great time and good hunting, well done to you both.