lost safe keys

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Hi all,
I just wondered what the rest of you do with the spare set of keys to your rifle safe? I have given my spare set to my brother in law,(also an FAC holder) to store in his safe. The tag on them simply gives my first name, Likewise his spares are in my safe labelled in the same way. I have done the same with my shotgun safe keys, it's good to know if all else fails, I can get into the safe without resorting to an angle grinder.
Mark :idea:


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Be Careful here. Technically you have access to firearms that are not on your certificate. I know that you would probably have to break in to your brothers house but the law may not see it that way.
Perhaps Swampy could help on this one.

I keep my spare keys in another safe place, but at the moment cannot remember where that is.


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I guess I could give one key to said brother in law and another to an FAC holder unknown to him, then I would like you forget who had what key! You are probably right about the legal side of things, but a bit of savvy has sometimes to be applied in these things? My brother in law is in the same profesion as Swampy, so I think if he thought it was ever going to be an issue he would have said. Point taken anyhow.
Kind regards,


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I lost my safe keys, my bag got lifted at an xmas party with work keys and house keys.

both lots of safe keys were in the bag. this was only time ever they had been in the same place ever, sods law.

Had to get it drilled and opened.

Now i leave aset of the keys in my work safe in a sealed envelope with my name and address.

Was cheaper to buy a new safe than to get the lock smith to repair the old one.

I have since replaced the locks and repaired the safe and use it in my garage for maintenance and ammo.

very expensive mistake with safe , house locks, garage locks work ...........


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Pete E said:
This was a case a couple of years ago of an FAC holder being prosecuted because his elderly mother knew where his safe keys were.

IIRC, the gent travelled away from home a fair bit and argued it was reasonable that his mother knew where the keys were in case of emergency..The law disagreed and he was done, although it may have since gone to appeal.

These are not quite the same circumsatnces as this case, but it does show care needs to be taken as "common sense" does not always prevail in these cases.
my FLO expects my other half to know where the keys to my cabinets are, as if we had secrets between us then what was i keeping from them , never once has he suggested that she gets a ticket and share the burden
but thought it was a good idea when i suggested it


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Interesting that "Stone". When I applied for my FAC I was told I had to buy a second safe, as my son and wife both had shotgun certs. It was argued that they would have access to the same safe as the one where the rifles were kept. There seems to be no overall logic here, no uniformity, still I guess it's tough when you have a country with diverse people living in it city folk/country folk. Ironicaly we keep all the safe keys in the digital safe in question! I guess we all decide for ourselves who is or isn't safe around us, legaly or not. I wonder if you feel less dead when shot with a shotgun?


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dead is dead what ever gun you use, that i agree with ;)
the other point here if something was ever to happen to you with your other half having a ticket means the police hav no power to conviscate any weapons that you may one day of passed down to your siblings or friends and less grief for your family to sort out like getting a tempory permit , morbid maybe but very practical and lets face it who wants a complete stranger coming into your home and cutting open your cabinet and taking these most precious of items to sell at auction for their own profit , this is what my uncle was told when this was brought up at his last renewal
i am with west mids ,he is greater manchester
atleast you hav the shotguns sorted thats a start
kind regards stone


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Lol ...bloody safe keys I hid mine forgot where the hell I had put them found the spares they fell off my key ring.. :oops:
So got my cousin who is an engineer with a dubious past to look at my fantastic burglar proof safe.. he had the bugger open in minutes with a couple of screwdrivers and bit of flat bar.
Told the FLO what a waste of time most safes are.. he agreed!!!!

Sussed it now got a big shiny new one with an electronic safe lock, I asked the FLO if he wanted new window locks, took one look at me said you are joklin aren't you, only thing I want to know is how you got that bleedin great thing upstairs!!


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I bought a key code safe from Macro for £25. All my bullets/fac and keys stay in there. Oh and the spare cash the wife doesnt know about :evil:



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If you store the safe keys with a trusted friend, he can't get into the house without the house key, so isn't in possession of your firearms. E


My spare set are at the gun shop with my name on them i think he has a lot of sets for other fac holders


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6.5 x 55 said:
My spare set are at the gun shop with my name on them i think he has a lot of sets for other fac holders

That is a sensible idea and quite legal. As I understand things it is very illegal for your partner to be aware of the keys location. I seem to remember a case a few years ago where a solicitor or similar lost his own ticket when his RFD was made aware that he knew where another elderly family member kept his keys.

I suppose the other way is to give a set of house keys to a friend, on that bunch is the cabinate keys but your friend is not aware of that.
perhaps thats dodgy thinking about it, need to have it checked by Mike at BASC.



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Hmmm when has logic and the Police ever realistically been used together?

My spares are inside one cabinet hidden in there I might add ;) if I were to pop off it would cause a bit of a nightmare scenerio methinks but if either of my elderly parents knew where they were I can be sure that Lincs Police would have no qualms about revoking my certificates.


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Item 230412372601 on the 'Bay seems to be a kind of combination safe which one could happy entrust one's safe keys to.

It resembles the thing I seem to remember was used to keep the armoury keys at the RNR base where my father used to play at Navy; not cheap, but small enough to fix away out of sight, solid, and with a reputable lock.

Worth considering, perhaps, especially if supplied with a key to change the combination.


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Re Safe Keys

When my FEO came to inspect my safe, I asked him if it was possible to leave a set of keys with my son, who is a serving Police Officer. He said NO. The keys are to be kept seperate and secure. Not even my wife must know. Problem solved, sealed envelope with safe combination, left with My will at Bank.


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Some very intresting points raised here.

My mate keeps his in an electronic safe, seen similar in Lidl.

I keep mine hidden inside my locked 20ft shipping container which is remote from my house.

As not married and relations live miles away so limited options. I defintly thought it was a no no for anyother person to know where/hold your safe keys, heard of prosecutions for doing so. Other alternative is to hide/bury them some where.

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