Lots of deer but..............


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I had been asked to pop up our valley to a chap that has a small holding/very large garden,he has been getting a lot of deer in the lower garden early in the morning hammering the flowers and upsetting his missus,and in the evening he said they would wander along the top of the fields just below the wood.Well,I turned up to find them both sat outside having a cuppa al fresco on a very warm evening,so I sat for a while for a chinwag,and while I was chatting I saw something on the very far valley top,a change of colour up against the woodland....as you do when you're 'switched on' and when I got the bins out of the truck I could then see a Buck a Doe and a follower and they both wanted to have a gander through the bins before I decided to stay to the original plan and not go after the Buck I had just spied as I also have that land.....well you guessed it,it was the wrong plan to follow and it ended up a blank evening.On my way back home as it got dark I decided to pop up to where I had seen the Buck on the next evening...........
I duly popped up the valley and made my way into what I call the 'Dingle',and as I got to the first gate I had a look through the bins and saw a pair of twins trotting down the banking and they seemed to be on a right mission,certainly not in the right mindset to slow down at all.Anyway I stalked up the nearside hedge which runs adjacent to a stream to see if they had just followed the fence down towards me,but no. I carried on to where I had seen the Buck the evening before,and then saw a couple of young Does feeding up the banking towards the field where the Buck had been,so I let them get out of sight and made my way up to the top,well when I got there it wasn't just twins but triplets,and they were in the field next to where I was making my way,but I love watching Deer of any sort and spent maybe half an hour watching them feeding and then I slinked through the wood to a vantage point where I could see the whole of the field where I expected to have some action only to see a Doe come over the horizon with a follower and then disappear away from me.This all took a while and as the light faded I did expect to see a Muntjac drop out of the wood and a pretty little Doe did just that,but as I don't shoot the Does I just spent 10 mins watching here until she scented me and flew off back up towards the wood barking like mad at me as she did so,they can be quite relentless once they start barking and even though it takes a good 20 minutes to get back to the truck I could still hear her going on.....and on.....and on!
So,eight Deer and still no bang,but that's how it goes sometimes....que sera sera.
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Nice to see some deer than see none ,my pal and I went last night ,I saw 50/50 bucks does he saw 31 does and fawns plenty to keep one interested .looks nice countryside you have there .


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good read mate also some cracking ground
that must be a first you've gone out and not knocked one over :lol:
​regards pete