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For Sale: Lots of shooting items


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We have the following items for sale:

1) Lee Autoprime £23
3) Lee 6.5x55SM FL Die Set £20
4) MTM Funnel Set £10
6) Lee Shellholder Kit (NOT a full set) £12
9) Hoppes Boresnake £8
10) 2 x .264 cal Boresnake £6 each
12) Hornady 300Win Mag Seating Die £18
13) Lee 300 Win Mag Seating Die £10
14) .338 250gr Nosler Partition - 50 £60
15) 7mm 140gr Swift Semi Spitzer - 50 £50
17) Sako/Tikka 30mm Blued Optilock Rings £50
19) 25mm Clueson Scope Mount £5
23) 54mm sunshade £10


If you’re interested in the above items please PM me. Do not reply to the end of the thread!
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