Lottery win - what would you get?


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Hi guys, presuming the highly improbable were to happen and you dropped a sizeable lottery jackpot or got lucky with a scratch card, What would you spend some of the money on - shooting wise that is?

PS- Just over a year ago, I purchased a £5 Christmas millionaire scratch card from my local Spar shop (not a winner) A couple of days later, someone won the £1 million pounds top prize from the same Spar shop, buying the same scratch card and from the same reel of scratch cards as the one I purchased.

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First thing I'd do is buy a house for each of my sons. The rent will then get paid into a trust fund that they can access when they are 21+. So there's £600k gone but they're set up. Then pay my mortgage off so as I can go hunting when I like for what I like. There's £770k gone. That leaves £230k to have a jolly with, so maybe some land so as I can shout at Brian May "get off my land you fuzzy haired ba$tard."
Beyond the obvious mortgage stuff and so on, and since this is imaginary and therefore a quintuple rollover, I would book that horseback moose and caribou hunt in the Yukon. I would also take the family to Canada and join them afterwards wherever they choose to hang out. Obviously I'd have arranged childcare and so on. Whilst waiting for this, I would take a few trips to Ferlach in Austria to commission a bespoke drilling, with pine martens engraved on it. And Scenes from Pierre Bear, obviously.


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My list is too long, shooting wise,defo would get a 338 lap mag, not sure scope wise, a pair of swaro 10x42 rangers and some new stalking clothing as mine stink real bad, even after a wash that smell never goes, just a little better until topped up again.
A custom built K-like short necked 22 Hornet and somewhere within the high timber of the Appalachian escarpments to hunt wild turkey throughout the Fall with said rifle and to be assured of ZERO contact with man.

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I would follow the lead of a truly rich man I got to know.

he did not have a large mansion, he had a series of small comfortable homes well spread across North America and the Caribbean. He also has a private plane. I would do the same.

i once asked my son the same question, and he said he would shoot and mount a panda bear! I explained that that was quite illegal - and his response was priceless - " nothing in China is illegal if you have enough money!"


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Id buy a nice little estate and have my own area to hunt. That way no f@#%er can go behind my back and ruin my shooting. Then i would just do what i want when i want.

private fraser

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I remember a pools winner quite some years ago who was asked by a reporter what he was going to do about begging letters.
After a second's thought he replied..."keep sending them".
A small country estate with a deer park
Holland & Holland Bolt Action Rifles
Pair of made to measure Longthorne 12 Bore Shotguns
Range Rover Autobiography (Hybrid naturally LOL)
McLaren 650S Spider (because I could)

:popcorn: R8 Professonal Success Monza to match the colour of the 650S + Z6i and Lawrence MOD!
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I'd love an estate in Scotland. But the politicians up there seem to be banjaxing that. Must be playing havoc with the market.

So it'd have to be an estate in the north of England. With some stalking, some grouse, a pheasant shoot, some fishing and an unfeasibly big house in the middle of it all with hot and cold running maids.