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I was out on Thursday night with a mate of mine, I took him to my ground at by Gloucester. I dropped him off and off he went to the luckiest highseat I have. I've sat quite a few site members in this seat over the last couple of years and shot a lot of Roebucks including a gold medal and one Munty(Stone :D )
I sat myself a few miles down the road up another seat where I sat watching a young 6 point buck which walked under my seat and Two Fallow does and fawns about 100 yards away.
I left my Roebuck alone and just watched, returning to collect my mate at dark. I was greeted by the sight of him dragging a buck in each hand and a grin on his face. (and a stupid hat on his head).



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Bloody well done once again Wayne, It`s been said lots of times, and i will say it once more, the help and stalking this site gives to people is second to none, good man Wayne, you`re getting good at this ;)
Nice looking deer too. :p



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+1 to Wadas comments :D

I have never known so many generous people on one site, especially when stalkers are notoriously suspicious over the way they guard their permissions, bloody marvellous. I think the attitude of sharing and helping is reflected in the amount of novice stalkers, who are not afraid to ask questions.

Only one disappointment Wayne, wheres the video :D



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Hi John
I was sat elsewhere I had the camera with me but I was lining up on the Roebuck that came under my seat and then changed my mind and left him be, by then it was too late to get the video out.

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