Lundhags stockists Northern England?


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As I seem to have destroyed yet another pair of good quality boots (I walk funny and always crease the leather across the bunion of my big toe joint) it has occurred to me that Lundhags are partly rubber and might not flex and crack in the same way? However having never tried a pair, I think it would be wise to have a look in the flesh but I can't seem to actually find any south of Keswick. Anyone got any ideas where there is a stockist within reasonable distance of Lancs/N Yorks/ South Lakes area? Their website isn't helping.

thanks in advance


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I had the same problem, I've always fancied a pair but really wanted to try them on before buying. I couldn't find anyone close enough....


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Can't help with a stockist but bear in mind that have flash sales on Lundhags boots at up to 50% off - the downside is you have to register on the website and suffer their frequent emails - but they are genuine reductions, my Syncro High boots were exactly half the price I would have paid from any retailer.

They have Lundhags Park boots in 45 on there at the moment for £104.99.


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Lissom and Munster (?) in Manchester do them, they're a great company to deal with, but they were having trouble getting boots and were going to order them to supply individual orders I think.
Landhags were great boots, I've had umpteen pairs over the years, got my first pair from "Survival Aids" on Rose St in Edinburgh in about 1988/9 ish, they are not the boots they used to be however, I still have a pair of Professional 's and a pair of Forest/Scout's, for the money, I'm not sure if I'll have many more pairs, instill think the "shell" principle for boots is a great system.


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Thanks all, I've seen the sportpursuit sales and that's what triggered my interest really but after so many disasters over the years I'm really reluctant to buy boots mail order now without trying them first. Even in my various altbergs I take a variety of sizes and widths!


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Depending on your foot shape however Lowa for me take some beating as a hunting boot I have had a pair years - best boots I have had
my mate was in hunt service and had to dig in ground like bell metal - he swears by Mendl Glockner, but Mendl do not suit my feet for some reason