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Couple of deer that I have shot have had lymph glands in the groin and neck area that were a bit swollen. When gralloching there were no obvious other signs of desease etc.

Have cut these away when butchering the meat, but should I be more worried. One was an older roe buck during the summer, the other was a half grown red calf which had lost its mother to bad weather a few days before.


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On wild game you will sometimes get enlarged but normal lymph nodes. I assure you, you will know a pathological lymph node when you see one.



Hi Mark.

Do you have any photos of a deseased lymph gland by any chance.


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BDS do a pack of information on diseases , ( cards)handy for sticking in your gamebag,


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Pete E is right about the pictures of diseases etc on this site and I know that Morena is hoping to build a comprehensive disease, injury and parasite data base into the site. As Pete points out, to do this he will need good quality photos from the sites members. ;)
There is nothing stopping us from being not only a very good deer management site but also the best site for deer management training. We have a good foundation, all we need is our members to show us what they can do. Its exciting times for the site and I feel it can only get better.


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For those who are less experienced at carcase inspection (like me) google The deer commission of scotland. Good, easy to understand info on there.
(sorry if i sound like i`m knocking the more experienced folk here)
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