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I am gralloched!

March and Shoot shares down 25%!

So, is it 6 miles, 22.2 lbs and 7.5 rounds at 75 metres?

And will the beer be 2% ABV?

The people deserve to know!


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Ho good, now my email and pm box will be full and my phone will be ringing off the hook with site members wanting to know of the changes to the March and Shoot. :eek:

8.5 miles course.
100 metre range.
35lb pack including rifle, this may vary or change once we have carried out a risk assessment.

All information required will be available through this site in good time for the event just not this week as admin are a bit busy.


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I wonder if there is some confusion here.

the M & S value down by 25% may mean marks and spencer?

Just a thought.



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Sorry guys - I thought the word "shares" in the title would give it away.

I will immediately cease any and all attempts to lighten the moment with humour (and if you believe that, you don't know me!).



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As admin I did understand the joke, but if it was read quickly a member could mis-understand its meaning. I recieved three phone calls by the way to clarify the March and Shoot situation.

Bandit Country

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admin said:
35lb pack including rifle, this may vary or change once we have carried out a risk assessment.

I recall the Charlie G weighed in at 36lbs, so if I march with one of them can I go 'clean fatigue'?

The back wall at Minsterley may not look too good after I have fired the range practice :)


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Bandit that's just showing off now mate. :lol: I remember running up a beach, into the sand dunes, up an embankment and across a football pitch with a GPMG strapped across my chest during a night exercise, It nearly killed me! My Platoon reached cover as the paralumes went up. I was sort of exposed, :lol: Between panting and gasping for breath I was inventing swear words to regale my oppos with. I soon realised that the bigger chaps always got to carry the heavy gear.:lol:
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