Macc Tecc V2


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Looking to upgrade my Hardy mod on a .308. The Macc Tecc V2 (made by Barton GunWorks and sold as Mac Tecc by Edgar Bros) looks usefully smaller and lighter than my Gen 4 Hardy. I believe they come standard on a Mauser M12 Impact. Anyone know if they are any good? Also if anyone uses the smaller V1 version on a .308 I would be interested to know how effective they are?


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I have used both and a hardy gen 4

the BGW mod gen1 or 2 is an awesome bit of kit , really well suited to a stalking setup , you will be surprised just how good they are for the size and weight

I. Farticus

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If you can, get your hands on a DPT to compare alongside the Macc Tecc. I have a Hardy Gen IV on my 6.5x55, but went with the DPT for my .308.

£260, 30g lighter than the Hardy and comes apart.


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Thought about the DPT which has a good reputation only it's the same size as the Hardy, although marginally lighter. The Macc Teccs are significantly smaller and lighter, I appreciate you will inevitably loose some of the sound reduction with a smaller mod but I do tend to wear ear plugs anyway (apart from the odd unavoidable shot).


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Aye it's a bit of a pain in the arse like. Hopefully it will get better once all the change settles down a bit.


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I have just had a look at the websites. I am a Hardy user but always looking for a better mousetrap.

Hardy is 120mm long, 80mm muzzle forward and 44.5mm wide. 290 grams.

Barton Hunter is 120mm long, 100mm muzzle forward and 44mm wide. 205 grams.

So the Hardy set up is 20mm shorter but 85 grams (3 oz) heavier.

Is that a significant difference? I can't see me changing for that.

Now if someone made one that was 100mm long, 50mm over barrel, 35mm wide and 200 grams I could possibly be persuaded to give it a go.


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Just got a B&T Tiger SD mod .17- 6.5mm absolutely awesome moderation and light & compact, using it on 25-06 my other best buy has to be the Hausken which I use on .300 & .338 Win Mag