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The other day I was given a pair of Macwet shooting Gloves, I know they already enjoy huge success within the shotgunning world but, I have never heard anyone talking about them in the world of stalking, will they make the transition?

The box carries a full description of all their capabilities, as you can see


Well it is high Summer and even up here in the Highlands it is warm, so I can't really confirm or deny their insulation abilities. Unbelievably we are enjoying a prolonged dry spell so the moisture management will have to wait. It has not rained to make them wet outside, and there was not much danger of me working up a sweat!

What I could try though is the "All Grip No Slip" claim. I suppose I should mention at this point that these gloves have to fit, and there is a measuring guide on the box to assist with this. The correct size of glove ensures that they will work better for you. The gloves themselves, are lightweight and feel very good when they are on. They have a tough business like air about them and give the early impression that they can deliver, plus being in a fetching hunting green will help with the fashion police.


I always find that when things are being tested the right questions, well for me anyway, are never asked. With gloves the usual thing is whether they are warm or not and did they keep the rain out. The thing is apart from being able to pull the trigger, you usually have to sacrifice one finger to frostbite to achieve this, with the trigger finger bearing a striking resemblance to Kojak's head, what else can you do in them? The answer is normally precious little. How many times have you peeled a glove off to do something only to find it is nearly impossible to get it back on? So, as I am unable to give them a rigorous field test until the weather is colder and the Sika stags are rutting. I improvised a few tests.

Loading your rifle is not always the easiest job in the world when wearing gloves, so I made this test number one. I thought in fairness I would use a .243 as that is quite a popular hunting round, then I thought why be fair? So, I opted for a .22lr and did the job no bother at all, easy in fact. This is all the more impressive for me as I underwent surgery on my spine a couple of years back to correct a crushing effect on my spinal cord, and the subsequent scarring has robbed me of the sensitive "feel" to my fingertips. Next up was unscrewing and replacing turret caps on a scope, no bother at all, I never adjusted the scope but I can't see that being a bother.

How many times have you gone through rough ground and snagged your bootlace, which has meant the removal of gloves to tie it again then the the subsequent fight to get your gloves back on. As you have rightly guessed the next test was the bootlace.


Not the big thick laces on a pair of Mouflon or what have you, but a thinner set on a pair of lightweight boots. Mission accomplished, with ease, I was truly impressed. Especially as I had messed up when ordering them a got the wrong size, I got an eight and a half when really an eight would have been better, as the fingers are just a little too long. They were not long enough though for me to enjoy the experience of having my glove trapped in my lace after tying it.

So that is the results of my very non extensive, unscientific but to me practical testing.

I now await the rut to see how they fare with keeping me warm and dry and the rigours of manhandling beasts. Based on what I have seen so far they should do quite well.

I nearly forgot I took the photographs whilst I was wearing the gloves, and I also typed out an e-mail with them on.



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Excellent review John thanks...helped me make a descision!

This prolonged dry spell in the North that what's making my shirt squelch this morning?


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No, this morning it will be the rain, at least I think that is what they call it, haven't seen it for such a long time :D


Offroad Gary

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i've used a pair for 2 seasons now, but the horsey black ones, not the shooting green ones. great gloves, great for handling ammo, only problem with mine was they were slightly to small for my wrists and the elastic/velcro interface parted. should have had a bigger pair.

great gloves. washed them the other day and the water turned red :confused:
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