For Sale: Mad August Binocular Raffle

Edinburgh Rifles

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Its Back!!
Mad August Binocular Raffle!!

Win a pair of Kahles Helia Rangefinder binoculars
in your choice of 8x42 or 10x42 (RRP £1350)

Ticket price - £10
Tickets Limited to 135 (max 3 per entry)

First come First served!

1 in 135 chance of winning!!!

Raffle rules:
1) You need to answer the following question

Q: Rangefinder binoculars use what to measure distance?

a) Long bits of string
b) Lasers
c) Carrier Pigeons

2) Send a PM with your answer A), B) or C)
You will be given payment details by return

Once paid you will receive a confirmation of entry

Names will be drawn on Sunday evening on a live video on Facebook reposted here for your viewing pleasure.

Good luck!





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well done Ed

what a nice thing to do.

psst: I would tell anyone its long bits of string


Edinburgh Rifles

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apologies for the cock up

copied the message to paste it to all the entrants and the message converted into html and messed up the email

anyone who sent the payment to an email address starting "toso.." please recover the payment and check messages

I will check the list to make sure no-one misses out

Edinburgh Rifles

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And the winner is.................
Drum roll...

Well done
PM on way

(PS not sure why it came up as an extra 4p!! pretty sure that didn't make the difference!!)