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Yesterday i took my dog for a walk in the cotswald hills where my mother lives.

As i walked into the main field behind her house we walked towards 20- 30 cows and half a dozen calves.

my dog normally runs around like a complete nutter and so i let him loose thinking he will normally go nowhere near cows, horses etc.

the calves take an interest in the dog and some walk towards him, he runs away etc etc rinse and repeat.

these cows are now heading in the same direction that we are basically funnel-necking into the exit into another field.

now then...there is approx' 400 yards to any hedgerow / boundry..

its only then i see out of the corner of my eye a huge grey heffer walking ...then trotting towards me , so i turn to face this cow in an attempt to "shoo" her away.... uh.... no chance.

the bloody thing is now cantering towards ME!! not the dog (who is right at the top of the field near some other cows).

so i am f**king sh*ting my pants now because i am doing a full on sprint towards a 6 foot high hedgerow made from brambles / thorned bush with barbed wire.

i have to say (although it maybe my imagination ) i swear i could feel the steam from the nose of this cow on the back of my neck. As i am running im trying to call my dog, say a prayer and concentrate not breaking my ankle in escaping the cow.

after about 100 yards the cow broke off her pursuit and i finally stopped haveing a heart attack, called the dog back, counted my blessings, and found a longer more evasive route back....

it wasnt untill i got back to my mothers house she informed me that a woman and 2 dogs were recently atttcked and killed by cows.

i never knew cows could be so protective of their young and will now give them a wider berth in calf season.


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Shouldn't laugh, but it is funny :D

I hate cows, they will play statues with you, follow you accross a fied, you stop and turn, they are motionless, you run they will chase you.

I had a similar experience to you when I was 13, I was stalking with my father and a family friend, when, as cows do, they started to follow, I didn't like this, so I speeded up, so did this one cow, I was like you on full sprint cow on my heals, my dad and family friend were :lol: :lol: :lol: their Ass off, tears down their faces, I was not happy :evil: .

Still makes me laugh now looking back.

Never heard of a cow killing though.

Good write up.



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Xim, you should have had the dog under control. If you can't control the dog it should have been on a lead. Cows are curious animal and will often follow you. Most cows are Ok but you do get the odd crazy one that will attack if it thinks its calf is undr threat. I worked as a herds man for 20 years and have seen some hiefers/ cows that were as dangerous as the bulls we kept.


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It is not uncommon for cows with calves in the herd to chase people with or with out dogs .this is normally when the calves are still suckerlers .
People have being killed or crippled by cows when they have being chased by the cows .
I f this happens when walking you dog on a lead you should let the dog of the lead as most of the time it is the dog that they do not want near there calves and they will try to kill the dog if they get a chance to do so by tramperling it and if you are holding the lead they will try to do the same to you.If the cattle are following you at a close distance you can try turning back towards them and stamping your feet and shouting at them as this dose work some times if you do get charged by cows do not run as this makes them run faster to chase you and may make you stumble or fall over and then they will tenderize you with there hoofs.

There was a court case near me just the other week about a whether a farmer was negligible for letting his cows out in a field with young calves
which had a foot path running through it. as a woman was trampled and is now in a wheelchair for life and her dog which was on a lead was killed !.As i recall the woman is trying to sue the farmer but i do not now the out come of that at the moment.



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Ive had a similar experience with dogs under perfect control.I had to climb onto an old trailer to escape.
Id rather walk round the field of cows than through it now no matter how far.


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Cattle and strange dogs just do not mix. Cows with young are also very protective. Up here Highland cattle usually manage to kill people now and again.

I've never actually had them chase me in a field but I have had cows attack me in a box when I've gone in to do something to the calf.


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I've had problems with Limousin stock recently.

No dog with me. The bullocks are loopy and almost aggressive.

The stirks were only loopy.


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Everyone knows you give bulls a wide berth, but I fish a lot and I never trust cows either, they can be very aggressive and dangerous. I still recall doing a 200m sprint along the banks of the North Tyne in full chest waders, carrying all my gear with a 6lb sea trout I had slung over my shoulder slapping around my head. In the end I staggered into the river to escape upstream and they followed me all the way up until trees blocked their path.

Now I always give them a wide berth, never walk through an open field, and always stick the edges for cover and escape.
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