Magazine for BSA Century


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I have a single-shot BSA Century target rifle (0.22 LR).

My understanding is that this is a further development of the Supersport, with the magazine bay replaced by a (removable) loading pallet, so it was never officially released with a magazine option?

Though in theory a magazine can be fitted instead of the loading pallet.

I seem to have read somewhere that magazines form the Supersport may work with the Century, but I don't know this for fact.

Anyone has any suggestions as to how one might go about obtaining a magazine for the BSA Century....?

The reason for this is that the gun has been converted to Carbine, i.e. it had both the barrel and the stock shortened. So it's now very light and has good balance - all I need in order to be able to use as a sporting rifle (moving targets etc) is a magazine and open sights.


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Sportsman left , Supersport right.The 5 shot in my Century , looks exactly like the Supersport.


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Have emailed, who said that the BSA Century magazines are not available, and they can't confirm if other BSA magazines will fit... a fiend at the club where I am shooting was king enough to offer making one for me, apparently he has the tools required and know how to work with sheet metal, so here's hoping...

Harry mac

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Magazines forboth Sportsman and Supersport are like rocking horse doo doo. If you can find one, expect to pay as much or more for a magazine as you would for a rifle! It's not unusual for them to fetch £50 when/if they appear on e-bay.
Conversely, even with a magazine present, you can usually pick up a Supersport for about £40! (Even less at auction).