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Wanted: mak contessa cheaper blaser mount


Well-Known Member
Try E Bay, there is a guy there that imports them from Bulgaria I think.
Very good quality and reasonable price.


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Not after Brexit they're not. He's based in the US and, with the exchange rate as it is now, they are no longer such a good deal. :confused:

Cheapest option is probably a Contessa rail from Alan Rhone with something like warne rings. Not tried those rails myself, so can't comment on them.


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I just purchased a Ziegler mount from Steve Beaty at Ivythorn Sporting to mount my Pulsar XD75 to my R8
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Uncle f

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Got a contessa mount from Alan Rhone picatinny type for my R8 to mount an x sight 2. Word to the wise had the standard length rail and it did not provide the correct eye relief so changed it for the longer rail which was perfect.
Regards Steve