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Andy L

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Well, if it is not real, then that is the best damn pantomine white tail deer suit I have ever seen!!!!! :lol:


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Lol it real ... :lol:

Think its as real as it gets, that was one angry deer, my business partner tells me it's one of the reasons why they always carry a pistol when hunting in Germany


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this just goes to show how inexperienced this hunter was
first of all he called the whitetail in ,close enough for the shot then surprise surprise
forgot about taking the shot
muppet :lol:
from what little experience i hav of whitetail in the rut , often a buck that has responded to a call or rattle of antlers ,on seeing a potential threat to his status ,as top dog ,they often go right in and cause destruction on sight
as this poor hunter found out , if you notice at one stage he had hold of the bucks front legs that then submitted the buck but once he let go , well it kicked off once more
rambo would of sorted , it no probs :lol: :lol:

The Mole

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Seen it before, but still can't help wondering - why is the deer boxing rather than using a clearly clean & serviceable set of antlers?


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from my understanding
if the hunter had crouched down then the deer would of taken the more usual root of facing up before charging in with a clash of antlers , but instead he stood up which prevoked the deer into a boxing match, which then confused the deer when he fell over, so stamping prevailed , at no point did the hunter present himself as a worthy apponent where antrlers were nesseccary .
hope this makes it a bit more clearer


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Saw the pic a few years ago whilst in the US. He wasn't actually a hunter. The announcer explained that the idiot intended to take pics of the deer so sprayed deer attractant on himself in order to attract them to him.

Buck comes out of the bush and is peeved at not finding a receptive doe.

The idiot was interviewed afterward - he intended to return to the same woods. There's one born every minute!
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