making my own drag sack


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I have decided to have a go at making a drag sack, I have found what I hope is a pretty durable material on eBay. Quick question, any advice on size of eyelets, I can't picture the size just by reading it and now don't really have the time to go and find the eyelets and punch so was going to order online.

I was thinking of using para cord to secure and drag the carcass, so diameter would be quite fine.

Any advice from someone who has done something similar would be great.


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Weight,? denier? .................... Link to it? Need to know what material to recommend eyes ................ and tell you if it's going to be any good.
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!Quote! Hypalon coated onto polyester or nylon fabric with an interior coating of neoprene is a very reliable and durable inflatable boat fabric and can last for more than a decade even in the harshest environments - which is the reason for warranties of five and 10 years.
They use it for making the new snowshoes.