Malformed Sika Stag

Here is an unusual head that I'm about to mount . Shot in Wester Ross-shire and to hang in the lodge.
95% of heads I mount anually are first stags, or cull stags. Most people wouldn't give a second glance at , but they hold memories for the stalker, which is what it's all about.
This Sika stag when hanging in the lodge will generate much interest for years to come. I'll post a photo when it's finished for all those interested.


Steyer 6.5

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when you skinned and butchered him did you find the cause of the malformation. I shot a fallow with a very similar set of antlers but i cant find the picture at the minute. he had no sign of a previous injury.
Hello Steyer 6.5
The head arrived skinned, so I can't answer that question. I will however follow it up and post any comments with the finished photo, when I have spoken to the stalker.
I have been going through some photos of past work and have added some photos of some huge red deer to my web site.
Thank's for your interest.


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I suspect the stag cause the antler (while in velvet) on something damaging the velvet in an area and stopping blood flow in that area leading to it growing in a different direction. I've seen it before in the park after stags have caught their antlers but could be other reasons..



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I have a wee roe head that's very similar. There was a growth of bone below the pedicle about the size of a grouses head. When I showed it to a visiting friend who's a vet he said it was caused by injury to the skull? Seems plausible. Couldnt agree more about the trophy - it's the different ones like that one that hold some good memories, which is what trophies are all about in my opinion.