mammary tumor

widows son

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Ive got a 10 year old spaniel fitness is exceptional ,she is on the hill every day between 5 & 9 miles as spaniels go there mileage would be whatever,
I notice a tumor below her front nipple left hand side she was down in the mouth ,I took her to the vet that i use all the time for a lot of years ,
he told me leave her alone, see where it goes after about 48 hrs of antibiotics she was on form again ,4 weeks on antibiotics the tumor had shrunk well in size she was flying about as spaniels do .

This tumor has now raised its head again after about 4 1/2 months ,should i ask the vet for More antibiotics and start again or ?

He won't operate on her as he put it he would not subject her to that ,she has mammary tumors all over the place his words were it would be like filleting a fish .

Is it wise for me to carry on like I am with her or call it a day money is not an object were my dogs are concerned ,should i stop the exercise or cut it back or ?

I'm a bit on the lost side here just looking for a few answers if possible


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Had the same with my lurcher, she is 8 this year. She got the all clear to exercise off the lead today but the tests on the lumps was not good and it is cancer. they are all out now. The vet has said she will have to be speyed to reduce the likely hood of it coming back. I am kicking my self because I would have had her speyed but I intended having pups from her but with work commitments never got round to it. After she is speyed, if any lumps pop up I will have them removed straight away. As you say you cant put a price on 8 or 10 years of loyalty. I dont know all the details of your dogs health hence the reluctance of the vet too open her up but I would be inclined to get a second oppinion.

I hope things work out for the best.