Man arrested for sex with deer


I was doing a bit of 'Googling' today and came across this story -

You've got to admire his defense lawyer's argument, and just when you think it can't get anymore ridiculous, you get to the last line of the story...
Only in America (I hope).


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weird stuff

I love reading weird stuff like that. the people are bonkers (animal bonkers!) good show for posting it. I have no time to add anything else. I need to go out and do my labrador.

i mean take her out and feed her you sick mother



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I don't see whats wrong with it, we all love deer don't we?
Mind you mother said not to play with your food! :rolleyes:

How come he wasn't charged with necrophilia?


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It reminds me of that song:-
"I'm in the mood for love.....simply because your deer meat....and girl because your deer meat, I'm in the mood for love". Classic song :lol:


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Sometimes the deer get their revenge :lol: :lol: :lol: