Manchester Air Guns, top marks


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Hope it's ok to post this mods, but they do deserve some recognition ?

Right gents, went there today, 200 mile round trip .................... and it was worth every mile:good: I only wish they were closer as it would be my shop of choice. new owner, Graham, took over two years ago I believe and what a gent. They made an error with the original listing of the rifle I wanted (.204), but to be honest it was one of those "if it looks too good to be true then it will be" cases. I fully expected them to tell me it was sold "ten minutes before you rang sir" but no, they took the order. I rang the next day requesting a receipt to be emailed (it was that cheap) and got put on to Graham (the gaffer), He then told me it had been listed at the wrong price by a lad practising ............ but ............................. he would still do it at a very, very good price as a mark of goodwill.

I'm in business so know mistakes happen, I also know you can't lose money in business, it's the road to sudden death.

Suffice to say I'm very happy with the rifle, very happy with the price, and the service was beyond the call of duty. They're expanding more and more into firearms, they carry some rifles, most ammo, nv, lamps and the prices are good.

if you're local enough pop in and see for yourself.

I'm not one for bulling up suppliers for good service, I expect it as a matter of course. I give it at my place and get on with all my customers, tea and coffee is always offered if they have time so I expect the same service and respect when spending hundreds of pounds, and Manchester Air Guns gave it . Top marks to them :good:

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Flippin heck darn gosh it - or word to that effect :oops:

That name brings back some memoriesd and then the sudden shock that they aren't from yesterday, but pushing 40 years ago! :old: They played an instrumental part in my 'downfall'! Good to see the business is still with us.