manners t4 adjustable stocks


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The only manners I have handled was owned by redmist. Felt solid and durable.

Had i not ordered a McMillan and paid the deposit I would have a T5 manners.


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Aside from the MCS GAt ive just sold, I had a T4A on a BAT (that I recently sold,,) the stock was superb, an equal to a Mcmillan A5.

The T4a is really solid and strong , if you have large hands the palm swell is just right and the ajustable cheek works very well with ajustment on lateral and vertical movement.

This rifle was replaced with an AI AX, but id have no hesitation getting another if I ever moved away from the AX


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I have one although I went for a saddle cheek piece adjuster on a standard MCS T4 stock. Rock solid, perfect drop-in fit.