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Ok guys n Gals
I know this is covered in another department. But I thought I would bring it back to realism,. Last weekend my youngest Nephew Mathew was blown up by a Landmine in AFGHANISTAN, alot further away from home than he would have liked! He is VSI, along with his mates . Thankfully back in Blighty for treatment he was lucky, other forces not so , Lets get the Momento going again to support our Lads/Lasses. for March and Shoot . Its A SHAME THAT WE HAVE TO THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE!
The shame is on the powers to be . Please just support the efforts being made . Rant over .


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Trapper, sorry to hear about that mate, hope he recovers fully and does not carry too many injuries away from it.

You are right though, it is shameful the way the Government treat our armed forces overall, whether it is living conditions back here for their families as well as them, poor quality of kit, lack of kit, woeful treatment of returning wounded, the list goes on. When you see criminals and the like on the TV being granted compensation and improved conditions etc, and our Armed Services are are treated disgracefully, it is an affront to the whole nation very offensive in my opinion. Bloody disgraceful



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Trapper, I sincerely hope he makes a full recovery. I also hope that the March and Shoot raises some serious cash for the H4H cause. Everyone has taken a great deal of effort and time to organise this, and although I have had very little to do with it, I would like to Thank Swampy, Tartinjock, Mr an Mrs Gyr, and of course Beowulf for all the time and effort they have put in.

Thank you also to everyone who has pledged a gift for the raffle or dontated a prize for the auction. I hope we see a flurry of bidding before the final post.
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