March and shoot

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Hi Guys,
Any update on the march and shoot? have we got the ranges sorted and a definitave date?



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Er..nope, Rob was sending a letter to Minsterley Ranges, that's the last I heard. I'll get on to it this week. I'm looking for sponsors at present mate.


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march and shoot.

When we have a range, a route and a date i will lend my wieght to the search for sponsors and also i will try to get us a permission to march with rifles.

I have got a trailer and a 40 gallon drum bbq that i can staff.



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Hi guys,
What is this, March and shoot? I've read back through the other post but can't find where it originated.
If anyone wants me to nip up to minsterley ranges i can soon pop up its only 10mins away from me, i know Dave and Les quite well.


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Here you go Ezzy,

Hi Fellow Members,
Can all members interested in taking part in the Charity 'March and Shoot' for Help 4 Heroes, please register their interest below. We are aiming to hold this event late September. Location to be confirmed.

This event will be a sponsored 8 mile timed march carrying a weighted Roe sack/day bag and shooting sticks. The teams on completing the march will then go straight into a target shoot. Points will be given/deducted for the time taken for the march and the accuracy of the shooting. It is hoped that we can get at least six teams of four on the day. Age, sex or ability are not a problem, teams will be selected to reflect the abilities of the competitors.

If you don't want to take part in the March and Shoot why not come along as a course marshal, RCO, or just to help out with the BBQ and cheer the competitors on!

Please have a look at the H4H website.

Many Thanks Steve.F

I'll pm you and arrange things with you if I may.

Thanks Swampy that would be great. Marching with rifles would be excellent, more weight to carry! :lol: Have I got your phone number?
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