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Went to check something this evening in the cabinet and noticed this mark has appeared on my T8 mod:


I am guessing an oild spot or chemical spot of some sort, though it feels slightly crystaline.

Not tried to clean it yet, not sure what to use to be honest,

Any ideas of cause or way to clean it??


Offroad Gary

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i had similar, used to wrap the mod in horse bandages to do the same job as a bush muffler. a circular rust patch appeared, so i rubbed it down with wet and dry, applied krust, and sprayed it matt black. i now have it covered in a section of old bike innertube. seems ok at the moment. i spoke to jackson rifles who told me the parkerised coating was porous, and designed to absorb and retain oil, and could not be reapplied.

i dont put oil inside my mod as it affects accuracy for a while- i'll just buy a new one when it rusts out.

Offroad Gary

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after posting this, i looked at my mod again, and noticed lumps under the inner tube. i removed it - guess what, its as rusty as buggery!

its now rubbed down again, krust applied and waiting for a spray job.


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Jerry, I usually give mine a squirt of WD40 and then stand it on end on a radiator to drain and dry, please don't tell me you did this and it still went rusty :cry: How old is it?



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Hello guys,

I really don`t know how true it is, but when i did my level 1 some years ago now, i was told that wd40 can actually help to rust your barrel/gun parts. :eek:
Yes we all know that wd40 displaces water but ever since i heard this, i have kept clear from this stuff near my guns.

Anyway you lot stop being as tight as a gnats chuff and buy some proper gun oil. :lol: :lol:



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Ok, just off the phone with Jackson Rifles, the makers of the T8.

They have described the mark as being due to a minor weld error. On closer examining the mark I can see 8 weld spots around the raised section of the mod, it is one of these that has a problem and the blueish/greenish mark indicates a poor weld.

They are very happy to replace the mod under warranty and will be doing so by next week.

They said the mod is fine to use at the moment.

The conversation then moved on to calibre, size of mod and make of ammo used.

The rifle is .243 though the mod is 30cal. I asked if there was any point in getting a .243 calibre mod and he said there is a small improvement in performance but asked what ammo I was using.

As soon as I said 55gr and 100gr Federal he said I would have to stick with the 30cal mod due to the specification of Federal 100gr bullets. The same applied Winchester ammo. No issue with lesser grain weights.

They recommend Norma ammo for 100gr stuff and when asked what rifle I am using said I should see an improvement in grouping.



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T8 Rust,

The mark on your T8 is rust (corrosion)

The T8 like every other silencer rusts from the inside out at the weekest point. e.g. the welds.

The welding creates a different metal composition of the 2 metals being joined and the catalyst aiding the join. This means that is it a weak spot.

It is just a glorified mild steel exhaust pipe filled with corrosive hot gases every time you fire a shot. Condensation mixed with the gases and you have rust.

I always use WD40 on my T8 and leave in the central heat ing cupboard overnight to dry.

Covering the moderator or painting it is futile as it is from the inside.

Leave a T8 ona rifle for a few weeks and see what happens to the barrell, inside and out.


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Have to admit T8's rust like stink. I have two, and no matter how well you look after them they will start to show signs of corrosion. Especially if you leave the bushwear covers on them.

They are great on a rifle, but the one major drawback is that they corrode easily.


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Out of interest I put the whole unit (t8) into my ultrasonic cleaner last year and had at it. The solution came out in lumps to start with and then when all the crap was off it the corrosion on the baffles was clear to see. Doesn't seem to have affected performance though. I'll just wait till it rusts out and then go for another.
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