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Martin Nel

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Hello All, I am embarrassed to acknowledge I have never hunted, but I am mad about spearfishing and intrigued to find out more about stalking from your site. I have been invited on a hunting trip to Zimbabwe next year- time for a crash course!


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Welcome, we all had to start somewhere and there's no better place for information than on here.

Feel free to ask any questions am sure there will be someone on here who has or can find the answer!
Can also try the search box in the top right hand corner to see if its already been asked.

Happy hunting :thumb:


paul o'

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hi nothing wrong with just starting out we all have at some point,
enjoy your trip to zim .


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Hello Martin,

Did a freediving course a few months back with a view towards doing some spearfishing at some stage. Welcome to the site. I'm fairly new to stalking myself so no need to feel self-conscious. What will you be hunting in Zimbabwe? Was reading that, due to hyperinflation, a loaf of bread in Zimbabwe was costing as much as $Z550 million a while ago. That makes for an expensive sandwich.

Good luck with the trip.

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