Massed cell tumour


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Norman got some disturbing news this afternoon.
Had SPICECAT ( a x jack Russell and staffy I think) to the vets on two occasions for swelling on right ribcage area , A large hematoma , vet drained said lump ,and she was on antibiotics and pain management tablets , That was at Xmas. It WENT DOWN considerably, BUT reoccur ed two weeks ago . Large half tennis ball lump removed , by vet pending investigation.
Results received today Massed Cell Tumour grade 3 .
I am gutted, not a good prognosis for Spice cat. I urge anyone reading to have any lumps on your dog looked at A.S.P., I hope it will save you going through all this . My Vets have been great , A big thanks to Suzanne & George . (Admin excuse this ) NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT ,
at vets 4 pets grimsby . My Spicecat is an older dog , which makes me more determined to make whatever time she has left quality time, not that she isn't looked after.
A very gutted


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Hi Roy,
Sorry to hear your bad news about the mast cell tumour. (For others skin cancer...... very nasty) Spoil her and you will know the time. Never easy decision. Remember the good times.
Gutted mate.
I had a maligmant tumour removed from my spaniel 2 years ago.
It started off like a little fatty lump like a thorn under the skin, in 2 weeks it was the size of a kiwi fruit. Removed the next day and xrays down luckily it had not spread to any other part. Luckily still ok, touch wood.


Look after her my friend
See you soon


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Spicecats brave fight

Today I/we had to make that sad decision , Spice (SPICECAT) had massed cell cancer , and she went down overnight , she lives with us but is my Granddaughters dog in reality , and after having the kids for the weekend , finally SPICE let go .She now rests in our garden alongside her other companions Megan and Spike sadly missed also , I do draw strength from a fitting tribute that, Thar once wrote after a similar experience .To those in a similar position as mine , remember the good time,s the daft times, amongst all remember YOUR FRIEND.
massed tumor

roy sorry to hear of your loss,our best wishes are sent to and your family.
best to have and lost than never to had and all will have the special memories i am sure.
all the best from the muddy,s xxx. .