Mate's surprise day out...

A mate has a big birthday coming up. A big one. No getting away from it, he is getting old.

Truth be told, we are all getting old. Bloody annoying isn't it.

His wife has arranged to take him to some trout lakes for a day on the rod. She has not told him that she has booked the whole lake and that half a dozen of his chums will be there to spend the day ripping into him.

Well this is a plan - which could go either way.

I rock up at 0850 hours to find my mate and his wife already parked outside the (still locked) gates. By the time the owner turns up at 0900, there are half a dozen trucks all containing a face known to my mate. Not sure when he twigged what was going on - but twig he did. He seemed pleased.:-|

Other than myself, everyone else was fishing. My mate's wife made her excuses and left. My mate thought she was going back home. I knew she was going to my house to meet up with my wife, prepare a sumptuous lunch and return with trays of food and a couple of Spaniels to run riot around the lakes.


My mate was (he always is) the first to kit up and get a fly wet. Not having brought a rod excused me from the pressures one has when fishing in 'competition' with friends.

The fish where not exactly leaping onto the flies, but eventually one of the guests gets a 'strike'. He plays the fish for over two minutes; whilst I make a nuisance of myself video recording in and getting in his way. Eventually, I put the phone away and land the fish into his net.

If the worst comes to the worst, then at least we can have sushi for lunch.

A short while later, the same chap lands another which comes in at 5lbs and 2oz.

IMG_3737 2.jpeg

One of the more experienced fisherman then manages to land a Tiger Trout. This is a joy for me - I have never before seen one.


At about 1300 hours the ladies return, resplendent with platers of foods and trays of nibbles. There are a couple of bottles of Tanqueray Gin (one of which is the 0% version) to dive into.
For those who have not tried 0% gin, the Tanqueray is not a bad one. For those with a driver, then Tanqueray (43.1%) is definitely the way to go.

Lunch was an hour. Just sat with friends, a bite to eat, with a G&T by the side of the water, watching your dogs run and explore, enjoying the fresh air and the green grass.
The joy of watching one of your old ESS, and your mate's new ESS pup, bounding, playing and exploring was a joy. The years seem to fall off my old Spaniel whilst he played with his new best friend. Both of them learning, not to tangle with a swan.


Perhaps one of the nicest day's fishing I have ever had - and I never touched a rod.

Happy birthday old fruit and thank you for a lovely day out.
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Nicely written-A true fisherman can just enjoy being around water with mates without wetting a line. Equally as stated, a more relaxed time can be had also without the pressures of catching a fish!
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Bang on , a proper surprise ,

I'd be like a dog with 2 .........., if someone organised that for lil ol me .

Well played mate 👏

Did you knock um n eat um S1962 ??? Or was it catch n release ?

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Had to google Tiger trout as never heard of them, pity you didn't throw up a picture of the 5 pounder but it sounds like a brilliant way to celebrate a big birthday.


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Great memories formed there. I'm sure he had a great birthday amongst great friends. No photos of the lunch time spread?

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Where I come from (Cork city) anglers that have contributed all their life to the sport they love are usually only acknowledged when they pass away and an annual memorial Open Competition is held in their honour, this seems like a much better idea to be honest.

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Can’t beat those tiny spinners 🤭
No. 2 mepps is the job for the stockies, it's small enough but allows for a long cast especially on a windy day. Over here with the rainbow trout once you put something in front of them they'll take it, you've a way better chance covering hundreds of square meters with a spinner but they're more craic on the fly.

I was on a local lake last Sunday and to return a phone call I threw on a gaudy homemade fly and a bubble float and had a trout in about 2 minutes. Stockie bashing is a great way to pass away a couple of hours.


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