Mating season already

Shropshire Dan

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Went to the local perm this morning armed with the .22-250 hoping to bag a couple foxes. Within minutes of being their spotted 2 with the binos at about 400 meters which appeared to be playing, so shouldered the rifle and then realised they we're stuck ass to ass with each other.
Waited 10 minutes to see if they would break it up and they didn't so i dropped the cross hairs onto the smaller of the 2 thinking that was the vixen and then over thought the shot and started to doubt my capabilities. Decided not to squeeze the trigger as I didn't believe I could take 1. They eventually split up and went their separate ways. The bigger 1 came galloping straight towards me stopping briefly to smell the area every 20 -30 meters then stopped at about 150 yards I was already settled on the bipod 1 little squeak to get a better target he turned as though to puff his chest out then it was lights out a 200 yard zero left no adjustments required. As I went to stand the other smaller one came out of the hedge and started smelling it's friend a quick reloed after making the rifle safe put the cross hairs on its shoulder and again the 50g vmax at 4000fps got their in no time.

Turned out the smaller fox was the dog.

Was very angry as I forgot my phone and couldn't get a pic


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Well done! I was going to go out tonight (had two already this year), but the mist has put a stop to that. :(