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Sold: Mauser M03 Barrel 6.5 x 55 & A-Tec Moderator M14 x 1 with Spigot

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Mauser M03 Barrel in 6.5 x 55 Swedish, overall length 450 mm (19 ¾”) with thread protector, and 16 mm dia. In good used condition, the only defects are two small areas of pitting in the barrel about 2” from the muzzle, which doesn’t have any noticeable effect the accuracy of the rifle. I bought the barrel with the M03 second hand just over two and half years ago and the barrel is now surplus to requirements.

Barrel: SOLD plus shipping to your RFD. I can deliver up to 100 miles of central London for a face to face transfer.

A-Tec Sound Moderator, CMM-4 ALU in 6.5 mm calibre M14 x 1 with spigot. I bought this moderator new when I bought the Mauser M03. It is made of high grade aluminium and weighs only 260 grams. It has been lightly used for stalking only and is in very good condition.

Moderator: SOLD including shipping to your RFD. If purchased together with the barrel, I can deliver up to 100 miles of central London for a face to face transfer.

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