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For Sale: Mauser M03 Extreme (6.5x55) + Swarovski Z6 2-12x50 + Atec CMM4 + Travel Case - £2500


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Dear All,

Up for sale is my very lightly used M03 Extreme, full kit including Swarovski Z6 in perfect condition, Mauser mounts (these alone cost £350), Atec CMM4 mod, Mauser sling and flight case.

Will take more pictures and post over the weekend. £2750 for the whole lot. I also have a large quantity of Norma Nosler BT 120g, which this rifle loves, available by separate negotiation.

Reason for sale is that (as you can see from the picture) I have two M03's and can really only justify one given the minimal use they get. I am putting the extreme up for sale as I figured that would be more popular, but if you really like the look of the wooden stocked one (that is 30-06 with a Swaro Habicht 3-12x50) then I am open to offers. I need to keep one of them though !

Best regards, M03 on range.jpg
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Wow what a bargain should sell quick enough

Id be interested in buying the travel case if you decided to split


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Yikes, maybe I under-priced it. Will put it on Guntrader on Monday for more but will obv. stick to this price for SD members.


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Knowing how well you look after your kit, I can only envy the lucky buyer of this setup.
I'd have it off you myself in a blink, but already well served by Mr Sauer and Leica!


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Whoever buys this will love it! I have this rifle in .243 and 30-06. I am after a decent sling, what's the Mauser sling like?
Not hijacking

the neoprene / rubber mauser sling is rather nice to use as it's got rubber grippy stuff on the carry side which stops it sliding off your shoulder

it's also long

I use it on the front swivel on my extreme as it's safer rather than the bipod swivel as the front swivel is washered and has a nut holding it but the bipod swivel is just screwed into the plastic so not as secure


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Thanks for all the messages, think I've replied to all PM's now. Would prefer to sell in one package but will split if necessary. I've upped the price slightly as I had forgotten to factor in the Mauser mounts, which cost £350. On Guntrader for £200 more so still a bargain for an SD member.