Mauser M12 EXTREME ammo preferences - lead only


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I usually use 184 RWS Evolution but have run out.

Any recommendations please for factory (lead) ammo .


London Jaeger

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I have a Mauser M12 Impact in .243 (basically the same rifle but with a different colour stock and built on rails) and use Federal 100 Grain Power Shok. No issues on live quarry and any issues I have had with grouping on the range have always been due to me the workman rather than the tool.


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I use the Geco Teilmantel in my 308, almost the same zero as RWS Evolution, I can use the two ammo types interchangeably. Works well on fallow and munties, the Geco is a lot cheaper.


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I have a 30.06 extreme and used 150gr Federals which were very accurate and did the job well, however due to losing the shot sight picture moved down to 123gr Sakos.
Both shot well.

With the 30.06 zeroed for 100m on the Sakos, I did a little copper test a couple of weeks ago (rushed a couple of shots due to time, as all makes tested with a cold clean barrel)

Quite frankly, properly zeroed, think it will shoot anything well.