Mauser M12 Max

Farmer Giles

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I'm looking at getting a Mauser M12 Max as a dedicated stalking rifle, my current and previous have always been heavy match target types and I make do lugging them about.....

Have seen this used one for sale, has anyone got or used one?
Personal views??



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I have 1 in .243. It's a year old now. I ordered it with the jeweller bolt which did not arrive. It's a cracker. Bolt action is smooth and rattle free. Trigger is a joy. Safety is 3 stage and flawless. For me it's perfect. Chris parkin has reviewed it and also gave it top marks. I have covered the sling strap joints with a rubber sleeve so that they don't rub the stock.

norma 308

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Had an m12 since they first come out in 308 great rifle very accurate out the box nothing to.dislike at a reasonable ££