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Sold: Mauser MO3 Africa .375 H&H

PSE Composites Limited


Well-Known Member
Hi all,

I'm afraid young children and no spare cash makes another safari unlikely in the foreseeable future. Therefore for sale:

My MAUSER MO3 Africa Extreme in 375 H&H Rifle and ancillaries:

- MO3 Africa Extreme 375 H&H take down rifle, grey and black synthetic, black bolt and metal work, has a kick stop in the butt.
- Has had aftermarket stud for bipod added by an armourer and holes drilled through synthetic part of fore-end, but doesn't affect stock integrity. Now takes a harris bipod, handy if you don't just want to shoot off sticks.
- Barrel has iron sights, with silver bead and barrel band for sling. The barrel has had about 120 rounds through it, its in very good condition
- 3 x Magazines (hold 4 rounds of .375 each)
- 2 x Mauser quick release scope mounts with rings, like Blazers these actually work, both have 30mm rings
- Original Alan key to take down barrel

These Rifles are about £2500 new. I'm looking for £2000 with all the ancillaries listed.
I have several boxes of Hornady Dangerous Game 270 gr ammo, whatever is left the buyer can have.

I am available to hand over the rifle in July when I'm in the UK, I can meet in Shropshire or potentially London.
These are the best pictures i have to hand, trying to organise a sale from abroad, more photos available when I'm back in month or so.


Ive also got a Nightforce NXS 1-4x24 illuminated compact scope for sale if your interested, its in good condition and comes with the dangerous game reticle and was on my .375 H&H, they are amongst the most robust scopes for hard recoiling magnum calibers, yours for £600.






Well-Known Member
What’s the overall whole barrel length ?
Whats the barrel diameter is it the 17MM or 19MM ?
Does it have the muzzle safe where you can put the little rubber discs in ?
Does it have the magazine safe lock to lock the mag in ?


Well-Known Member
I will have to measure some of this to be precise when I'm home next, but i think it has:
- the shorter 23 inch barrel rather than 25.5 inch
- the thicker 19mm barrel profile
- not sure about muzzle safe, I never got any of the discs, i think they might be universal, but ill get a photo of the end of muzzle when I'm home
- its not got the new 'twist to lock' style mag release, but i think the original version like this one can be done with a small alan key on the button, ill have to check, never used it


Well-Known Member
Superb rifle, I paid a lot more money than this for mine - nice to shoot very accurate. Whoever buys won't be disappointed


Well-Known Member
IMG_0341.jpg IMG_0342.jpg IMG_0340.jpg

Apologies for delay a few more photos, I can't seem to edit the post, apparently I don't have permissions to edit my own post, must be some technical issue?
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