Hi All,
For the few who have met him and anyone else interested I thought I would give you an update on my 9 month old GSP pup Max.
His training is going well he is very steady and walks to heel, sits and stays. He's been in the woods quite a few times the last couple with a rifle, but I have not shot a deer over him yet. I try to keep him off other game but I dont want discourage him from hunting. He has a fantastic nose and any trail I have laid for him so far hasn't been problem and if there is a deer at the end of it the keener he gets. I made a mistake the other day of running with a deer skin to get him a bit wound up and nearley lost some fingers when he took me and the skin out :eek:
I could watch him work for hours he picks up a sent from a couple of hundred yards away and then starts stalking it, getting slower and lower the closer he gets, he got to within 10 yards of some ducks the other day and come on point for about 3 minutes until they flushed. The picture is of him stalking a rabbit he is still about 60 yards away but just starting to stiffen a bit with on leg in the air.
Hopefully he will be able to lead a few of you off the site into a deer when you next visit.



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he sure looks like a solid lad wayne
how the heck you missed him mrB he was in the kennels looking straight at you teeth bared when you were running to get into andy's motor , thought it was strange you were so eager to get a move on
Hi Mr B,
I thought you had seen him, you must of been busy concentrating ready to shoot that poor little Muntjac :(
Hi Stone
The chap I had him off, John was down from Yorkshire stalking with me last weekend he said he's bigger than his father already so we'll
be ok if we let Mr B loose on our Fallow ;)

I shot my first deer over him last night, a young roe doe had a good open ground stalk(where I took you Steve) up in the Cotswolds we had to make 300 yards and Max was fixed on them all the way stalking like a cat.
I shot the doe about 100 yards off the sticks the old doe and other youngster ran back past us within 60 yards and he just sat and watched them, I then kept him to heel up to the carcass only letting him worry it once I new it was dead.
Mr B Andy shot one on last light the other side of the farm where we watched that doe last summer.
So a cracking evening to round off the doe season.



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Well done Wayne. That is a very pretty spot you have in the Cotswolds. It was just a pity that the four Roe I saw when I was out stalking with you were all the wrong sex! :(
Andy and Gary did well on the weekend to I hear. :D I look forward to getting over and seeing you chaps again soon, you really are all excellent company.

When are you putting Max to stud?


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good news wayne
max settling down so well , you will hav to bring him up with you when you try for one of my warwickshire roebucks it will be interesting to see how he scents with the all the wheat they hav planted on my ground
Mr B
Gary did have a bit of luck, you Coventry boys coming down here shooting our rare breeds :lol: :lol:
Not looking to put Max to stud but still offering myself for nothing, but the missus keeps turning em away at the door ;)

Cheers I might take you up on that.

I did put on the 4x4 thread, I got some lads off the site stalking this weekend but then I'm clear so let me know when you want to come down.



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cheers wayne
i will chat to mr B and we will sort it but not on the full moon as i know he has some funny tendancies around that time