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Just like to give a big thumbs up to McLeods/ Toby and the team

I recently bought a thermal unit and it's being delivered tomorrow.

Toby has just contacted me to say the unit I paid for yesterday was a little bit cheaper today than what I paid yesterday , due to a new pricing policy , and has offered me the difference in cost back ( it was the best price I received any way!!)

You wont get that off many traders after you have handed over the cash,

What a great service , I know who I will be purchasing any future optics off from now on , it will be Mcleods

Thanks Toby and Team


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I bought a thermal add-on from them whilst stalking in Scotland, it was cheaper than any other suppler at the time, and I was treated as a valued customer even though it was my first purchase from them. I now buy on-line from them and have never had an issue at all, they e-mail/telephone to say my item has been dispatched. Highly recommended company with an old faction-ed service, wont buy elsewhere now. deerwarden