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For Sale: MDT LSS folding stock for Remington 700, 4x 10 round AICS .308 Mags, belt & 4 pouches


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** Both the Mags & the Stock are now SOLD **

Here is my old 308 kit I used for CSR before I bought a straight pull. It consists of the following:

MDT Light Sniper System (LSS) Chassis for Remington 700 (Short action) - Folder:

  • MDT LSS Stock in Black, that takes AICS Mags. Has some ware marks on it (see photos)
  • Carbine buffer tune with MDT Folding stock adaptor
  • Basic AR butt Pad and a Hogue rubber grip
  • Full spec & prices for stock is here:

    PLUS 4x 10 round .308 AICS Magazines, with basic battle belt & 4 pouches for Mags

    Would cost over £600 to replace. I am not looking to split the Mags at this time, unless I get an offer on the stock first. Would make a good cerakote project.

    Looking for £400 posted by RMSD or can deliver to BIsleyMDT STock1.jpg

MDT Stock folded.jpg

MDT Stock ware.jpg
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Morning. I have had a couple of offers on just the stock, so will sell the Mags separately. I would like to sell them all as a package, so will send some PMs


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I have someone interested in all 4 mags, if he does not want them then I can do 2 each
Am waiting to hear back from the first messager about the stock, but have a few others interested
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Magazines, pouches and belt now SOLD, pending the usual

Stock is now SOLD
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