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Recently I rang BASC to ask if they were going to be measuring deer-heads at the Game Fair.
I was referred to a Mr. Alan Mc.Cormick who said they were.
When asked `by whom` he said Dominic Griffiths, I pointed out to him that to the best of my knowledge he is no longer a person who measures officially for the C.I.C.
I said if this was the case any heads thus measured would have NO official standing and people spending their money believing otherwise would be `short changed`.
[Rather like buying a bottle of premium malt and finding it contained Tescos own brand.]
The conversation ended in a grumpy manner. You have been warned !


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Regretably I am afraid your information is INCORRECT.


With the previous and similar posts being edited my above statement is probably INCORRECT. [I too do not think the individual has resigned.]
As I said previously, in the fullness of time all will be revealed.


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In the fullness of time all will be revealed, in the meantime keep your cash in your pocket irrespective of what has been said.



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let it lie

reading this thread is like, i know better than you ;)

300 sounds like he knows Dominic personally, so maybe worth listening to him.

My advice, if you want one measured is to ask Dominic quietly to save him any embarrasment in front of a crowd.

I also cannot see the BASC making a fool of themselves by inviting someone that is not able to do the measuring.



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I think that we can go no further with this thread. The information is there, members must make their own decisions on how to proceed in this matter.

I would rather not have to pull or lock this thread.

Steve.F (Admin)


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His, DG, no longer being authorised by CIC to measure under their authority was mentioned in an earlier copy of Stalking Rifle and the Shooting times in which it said he had been struck off and he was appealing.
There is nothing wrong with him continuing to measure heads and give a true assessment, he has been doing it long enough, but it is the issue of the Certificate with or without the CIC logo that may cause some concern.

Andy L

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Could the stalking rifle and the shooting times have it wrong? Maybe he is still able to officially measure heads until after the outcome of an appeal is known.
I don't know, these are just my thoughts.


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Lets face it .
Good head ,Bad head. We are all amazed at the diversity of head!
When we all start measuring our said trophy's , aren't we just comparing
ego's ( or dicks) and no apologies this time! Mine is bigger than yours!, so there , .I thought the art of stalking was a challenge, to defeat the elements ,and to outwit the Quarry , and to dispatch said quarry, in a quick and humane manner!. If all you are interested is heads , or said trophy's, then shame . I shoot to eat ! But if it has a good and worthy head then I will keep it , that is out of sentiment and not because I want to Bragg. Who scores the best head matters little to me ,. I once did an Olympic dive would have got 10 but i left me wellies on and got 8. Chill out eh!!
Trapper(am I gonna get it here) :lol:


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pay nowt its on Tinternet how to and sizes etc measure from coronet to cornet-to! and width between should give a clue as to whether you are on board or a sinking ship.

The Mole

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Just a thought - will CIC measuring still be available with the BDS at the Game Fair?

If so, you pays yer money, you makes yer choice .........


I am sure the answer to this question can be found on the CIC web site and to some people it is important as a guide to the standard of deer on there ground and to others on the amount of money they charge a client.I am sure the client will not be pleased if his gold medal head that just cost him an extra £50 on top of the £1000 he paid to shoot it is valueless. I suggest admin phone R prior or Tony Dolby welsh and find out facts and stop speculations.
But for what its worth i here DG Has fallen out of grace with the CIC commission but can still measure under the international rules. I think i would get one of the current members to do it and be safe. Its not about the money its about the trophy.


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Measureing Roe Heads.

For an unofficial but nevertheless accurate method try the`Swedish Qwik Fix Formula`.
Gross uncut skull weight in grammes minus 90, multiply by 0.23 and then add 20.
Below is a photo of a Silver Medal Roebuck head measured officially by the late G. Kenneth Whitehead at 117.88 C.I.C. points.
Today it weighs 520 grammes.
Therefore 520 - 90 x 0.23 + 20 = 118.9 points.
This is accurate within one-percent of the official score awarded.

My scale is a PESOLA 1.5 Kilo model made by Oscar Ludi & Co. of Basle.
It has 20 gramme increments.



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6.5x55 it is not up to the Admin of this site to inquire about whether or not the gentleman in question is or is not a CIC measurer.

Further more it is not The Stalking Directory's business to become involved or make comments about discussions that are going on between other organisations, or speculate on the outcome of those discussions.

If you require the answer to the question I suggest that you contact CIC or the gentleman in question and ask yourself, it is not our job to do so.

Sikamalc Admin.


I thought that by the site admin making enquires it would have solved a on site problem . I do not require the answer as i don't have heads to measure at the moment and if i did i would go straight to the organ grinder .