Meat grinder/ sausage maker


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Well im going to give sausages ago. Ive done bugers which were very good. So was wanting sone advice on a decent meat grinder/sausagestuffer. I use a maunal meat grinder at moment but if was upgrading to electric i see u can but grinder and get the sausage maker attacent with it. So what do you recommend? I dont want to waste alot of money on one. Around the £30-£50 perhaps. Mayb a little more if anyone thought it was really worth it. So what do you use?? Advice welcome.


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Get yourself a kenwood chef with the mincer attachment dose everything I've made 1,000's of sausages & burgers with mine cost £100+ new but cheap as chips on eBay & will do loads of other things like faggot mix, burgers, pluses all your mixing .