Medieval recipes

Hi all, Just for a giggle the wife and I are going to have a dinner party with a medieval theme. It will be for about a dozen guests. I could go for the easy suckling pig option but I think I would rather have venison.
Any medieval recipe ideas welcomed. (not just venison)


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Sorry this post is two months late, but have you tried Nicola Fletcher's 'Charlemagne's Tablecloth; a piquant history of feasting.' Published 2004, Weidenfeld & Nicolson in association with Peter Crawley.
£20 + P&P.

I hope that this is of some use to you. ;)
Hi Beowulf, Just had a look on the net and that book looks pretty good so I will get myself a copy. The Medieval night went well with Spit roasted venison (Whole Roe) and lots of other recipes, the majority of which featured turnips. Fancy dress was compulsory as was drinking the mead and cider. I plan to have another next year as it was so much fun, the only difficult bit was finding the medieval tableware but that is sorted now.
I will put a pic below as I want to see if I can reduce sizes. ( All the other pic's I have put on here turn out huge).




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Hi MHudson,
That table looks great! I'm glad that it went well. In my youth I spent alot of time around Penzance. I was sweet on a nice bit of Cornish pasty. ;) Anyway they had a couple of 'Meadaries' in the town. It was great fun, eating with your hands off wooden platters and drinking various types of mead. O happy days! Shame that the Cornish pasty went stale on me. :lol: ;)