meet the forum(game fair essential!!!)

The Lucky Hunter


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hello all,
this is me duggers(simon) with my trusty dog and new hunting companion 'ALFIE'he is now 10 weeks old!!

he is a hannoverian/bavarian from markh litter at xmas!!
we will be attending please upload a piccie of yourself for recognition on the weekend!!!! :D
use 'photobucket' to upload your pics, just register and you can post them in, any probs pm me i am normally available!!


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Crikey Duggers why did you choose such an ugly pup? and why do you dress him in a white shirt?



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You have edited that picture Duggers. Last time I saw it, it said 'Wanted Dead or Alive' $5000, This man is a Notorious Sheep Bugger, Armed and often dangerous! :lol:

Duggers, I haven't got any pictures of myself. But if you are at the CLA game fair and see what looks like the unholy mating between 'Bill Oddie and a moose' walking around, thats me! :lol:
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